Project Management & Production Engineering

Kreisgrafik mit 360° Leistungsspektrum für die Produktion von Baugruppen

Our project managers have many years of experience and expertise in the fields of mechanical, electromechanical and production engineering.
This enables us to seamlessly guide your product through all phases of product development - from concept, to ramp-up, to market success.

Are you looking for a competent manufacturer and reliable supplier of assemblies in Switzerland?

Benefit now from our many years of experience and economic mindset as a manufacturer and 1-tier OEM supplier of assemblies and systems.

Project management - More than responsibility

We want to support you comprehensively in the realization of your products and be a reliable and reactive partner nearby. 

Therefore, we offer flexible 360° service packages, which bundle competencies in the areas of product development, design, and production with services for material procurement and management to suit your needs.

Our project managers burn for new challenges and commit themselves to the future-oriented projects of our partners with many years of experience, a nose for clever solutions and a strong drive.

                        Our project managers have many years of experience and expertise in mechanical, electromechanical and production engineering and draw daily from their collective pool of know-how.This enables us at CrossTEQ to seamlessly guide an assembly or device through all phases of its creation - from concept, to ramp-up, to market success.

                        Based on systematic feasibility considerations and your specific requirements, we develop customer-specific solutions and clever concepts for the ramp-up of your product.

                        In doing so, we are committed to the consistent, practicable implementation of all ISO:9001 standard requirements in all areas of product creation.

                        Thus, they are responsible for and monitor proper manufacturing, testing, documentation, reporting and delivery to our customers.

                        Material procurement and delivery reliability

                        Our project managers plan and schedule material procurement through your or our own supplier network.

                        They commit to our customers' delivery schedules and coordinate deadlines with their or our suppliers.

                        Thanks to our extensive network, 90% of which consists of regional suppliers and partners, our project managers can react quickly to changing or new requirements and guarantee you the highest adherence to deadlines with consistently high quality in delivery. 

                        Our project managers also take responsibility for and monitor:

                        • Quality, material and production cost analyses
                        • Consistent digital documentation for complete traceability of components and defects
                        • Systematic reporting to customers and suppliers

                        Quality and process reliability

                        We plan, implement and optimize production systems and quality individually for each product. 

                        We design requirement catalogs, comprehensive process descriptions and product-specific work and assembly instructions to ensure the highest quality and process reliability.

                        We establish effective quality tests.

                        Production Engineering

                        Already in the development phase, our expert team of engineers and production technicians considers process optimization and production scaling.

                        For your project, we select and procure or develop and produce the appropriate operating equipment, such as tools and assembly devices.

                        We plan its ramp-up from the point of view of automation potential and its economic scalability.

                        From the selection of raw materials and building components, to design, to process decisions: We help you make the right decisions considering the technical and economic viability of your product.

                        In addition to the function and performance of your product, we also consider its environmental (recyclability) and social viability. CrossTEQ AG and its divisions are committed to the Dodd-Frank Act (1502, USA);

                        thus we do not use conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or adjacent countries for our production.

                        How we work and what we measure our work by

                        At CrossTEQ, all our actions are geared towards a future worth living. Thus, we want to build on valuable partnerships with everyone who wants to shape it with us and invest trust, ideas and their competence in our company for this purpose. 
                        In order to promote fruitful cooperation and great Swissmade products, we attach particular importance to an open and dynamic exchange with our partners and employees.
                        We measure our success by consistently delivering the highest quality and reliability. We are proud of our Swiss Éxcellence and sharpen our common quality awareness every day anew.


                        Agility and collaboration are important to us. That's why we value the transparent and dynamic exchange with you, so that we can also react to changing requirements in a targeted and effective manner and realize the best products for you.


                        Already in the development phase, we consider the reparability, optimization and further development of your product. We plan its ramp-up from the point of view of automation potential and its economic scalability.

                        Data & Security

                        We consistently document and monitor all data and all production processes on our highly secure IT infrastructure. This enables us to detect errors and risks immediately and trace back any deviations without gaps.


                        You benefit from years of experience in assembly development and design for renowned companies in medical technology, thanks to the close partnership with our sister company Getronic Engineering AG.

                        Tell us about your idea now or show us your design.

                        We develop clever solutions for the ramp-up of your product, taking into account its technical, economic and environmental viability. Contact us now!

                        Your advantages with CrossTEQ as a partner

                        Streamlining processes

                        By outsourcing your component assembly and other tasks and production processes to us, you streamline your own business and remain agile.

                        Save resources

                        By entrusting us with the assembly of your subassemblies, you save your own resources in terms of personnel, infrastructure and technology and can instead deploy them more efficiently at key internal points.

                        Pragmatic and efficient

                        At Cross Assembly, we maintain dynamic staffing and production planning, efficient manufacturing processes, and short lines of communication with both our customers and our, or your, suppliers.

                        Maximum reactive and flexible

                        We build on secure sources and proportionate reserves and redundancy in material and personnel planning in order to be able to deliver to you on time and in quality, even for short-term assembly orders.