Assembly of components and systems

Elektromechanische Baugruppe mit blauen Elektroleitungen

We assemble electromechanical subassemblies and complete devices for all industries.

Your partner for contract assembly of subassemblies in Switzerland

Whether mechanical engineering, medical or electrical engineering - with Cross Assembly as your partner for component assembly, you benefit from our many years of experience as an OEM manufacturer and supplier of high-tech components for renowned companies with global market leadership.

  • Our assembly team is well-experienced in the assembly, as well as functional and final testing of complex assemblies and highly sensitive components such as sensors or circuit boards.

  • At Cross Assembly, we rely on secure sources and proportionate reserve and redundancy in material, respectively personnel planning, in order to be able to deliver to you on time & quality even for short-term assembly orders.

  • Focus on your core business without worries. By commissioning our company with the contract manufacturing of your assemblies and devices, we take over from you the complete responsibility for the assembly of individual parts and components into subsystems, or finished products, as well as all upstream and downstream value-added processes.

Are you looking for a competent manufacturer and reliable supplier of assemblies in Switzerland?

Benefit now from our many years of experience and economic mindset as a manufacturer and 1-tier OEM supplier of assemblies and systems.

  • Subassembly according to your specifications

We assemble individual parts into subassemblies and combine them into high-quality electromechanical systems.  Taking into account the technical, economic and ecological viability of the finished product, we design and optimize requirement catalogs, assembly processes and product-specific work and assembly instructions for systems and subsystems.

According to the requirements, we apply various manual and semi-automated assembly processes on the optimized assembly lines in our Cross Assembly to manufacture your assemblies. Our main assembly processes in the manufacture of assemblies include:

Other assembly services for the manufacture of assemblies

ACF-Heat Seal Bonding

Anisotropic-Conductive-Film Heat Seal Bonding is used for the material-bonding and precise contacting of flexible conductive tracks to a base medium. ACF-HSB can be used to join almost all materials in a visually appealing manner and to achieve a uniform distribution of the adhesive force without thermal stress or impairment of the material.  

In collaboration with our partner Getronic Engineering AG, CrossTEQ has co-developed a specific, semi-automatic ACF heat seal bonding process for the production of highly sensitive, large-area X-ray image sensor panels for medical technology.

Testing and Quality Control

We are expertly qualified with many years of experience in the very demanding medical device quality assurance.

We plan the quality and determine effective incoming, intermediate and final tests individually for each system or subsystem. Our well-coordinated assembly team of experienced and regularly trained specialists ensures that every fully assembled assembly is subject to its rigorous quality analysis and control, and is documented in our digital QMS system.

Thanks to a modern, fully digitalized manufacturing infrastructure, we can permanently guarantee the highest quality and process reliability as well as the traceability of all materials and components used.

Fixtures and equipment

We develop and manufacture individual operating equipment, devices and tools for specific product requirements.

Service and repairs

We take back defective assemblies and products and repair them. We analyze and evaluate defects and report to you and your or our suppliers.

Commission our Cross Assembly with the contract assembly of your subassemblies now.

We take over from you the assembly of components and the complete responsibility for all upstream and downstream value-added processes.

Why Cross Assembly Module Assembly?

Streamlining processes

By outsourcing your component assembly and other tasks and production processes to us, you streamline your own business and remain agile.

Save resources

By entrusting us with the assembly of your subassemblies, you save your own resources in terms of personnel, infrastructure and technology and can instead deploy them more efficiently at key internal points.

Pragmatic and efficient

At Cross Assembly, we maintain dynamic staffing and production planning, efficient manufacturing processes, and short lines of communication with both our customers and our, or your, suppliers.

Maximum reactive and flexible

We build on secure sources and proportionate reserves and redundancy in material and personnel planning in order to be able to deliver to you on time and in quality, even for short-term assembly orders.