Semi-finished products made of fiber composite material with specific fiber orientation for increased strength

Top-Features of x-CONTOUR composite blanks

 Realization of load paths
 Increased strength due to specific fiber orientation
 Reduced material waste
 Several similar shapes can be mapped in one blank
 Individual postprocessing

Using its proprietary x-CONTOUR composite production technology, CrossTEQ manufactures semi-finished products from thermoplastic fiber composite material.

The x-CONTOUR composite technology is based on the thermoplastic compression molding manufacturing process and enables the design of a specific fiber orientation and the targeted use of strength and stiffness in components.

Semi-finished products made of fiber composite material for own, simple post-processing

Bild zeigt zwei Composite Halbfabrikate produziert mit der x-CONTOUR Composite Technologie

In addition to their special strength, the load-path-optimized fiber composite blanks are characterized by reduced material waste (cf. x-BLOC composite lightweight panels) during production.

The material can be machined into its final shape, and you can create several similar shapes and designs with one semi-finished product.

With the x-CONTOUR composite technology, CrossTEQ produces load-path optimized blanks made of thermoplastic fiber composite material.

Do you need composite semi-finished products that you can easily post-process and bring into your final shape yourself? Let us know your requirements via the form. We will be happy to advise you on your composite project.

The x-CONTOUR composite production process



The composite material is manufactured according to the required specifications and material properties.

Bild zeigt chopped Composite Material Chips


The composite material is processed using simple molds. Molding tools are completely closed molds with fully defined cavity surfaces that allow precise composite blanks to be produced for further processing.

Abstrakte Illustration eines Formwerkzeuges für die Herstellung von Composite Halbfabrikaten mi der x-CONTOUR Technologie


A composite blank is demolded from the simple mold.

Abstrakte Illustration eines Composite Halbfabrikates produziert mit der x-CONTOUR Composite Technologie
Abstrakte Illustration der Weiterverarbeitung eines schwarzen Composite Halbfabrikats durch Bohren


The blank is finished using machining processes such as milling and turning.



After surface polishing and other finishing methods, the component is fully manufactured and ready for testing and packaging.

Abstrakte Illustration eines fertigen Composite Bauteils mit der x-CONTOUR Produktionstechnologie

Do you need composite semi-finished products that you can easily rework and shape into their final form yourself?

Let us know your requirements; we will be happy to support you in the realization of your composite project.

Our x-Technologies at a glance

Our Cross-fiber composites offer versatile mechanical, chemical and tribological features that we can design and use specifically for your composite project with our application-oriented composite production technologies (x-Technologies).

Fächer mit Platten aus verschiedenen thermoplastisch gepressten Faserverbundwerkstoffen


High-performance composite lightweight panels and raw material

Bild zeigt zwei Composite Halbfabrikate produziert mit der x-CONTOUR Composite Technologie


Smart semi-finished Composite Products

Drei komplexe Composite Formteile produziert im x-NET Precision Compression Molding Verfahren


Ready-to-install composite precision parts