Carbon composites for sports and outdoor

High performance sporting goods made of carbon composite material

Lightweight, durable, failsafe

Due to their extremely light weight combined with outstanding strength and stiffness, thermoplastic fiber composites are ideally suited for sports, motorsport and outdoor applications.

  50% weight saving compared to aluminum
  Excellent strength & stiffness
  Excellent tribology and surface quality

Produktbild von Sattel von hinten als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites im Sport und Outdoor

Carbon composite material for high performance sports hardware

Carbon composite material most notably, is increasingly replacing metals and plastics in high-performance sports applications because of its fail-safe material behavior and a plastic failure mode that avoids catastrophic brittle failure in the event of a crash.

Produktbild von Sattel von oben als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites im Sport und Outdoor

x-NET technology from CrossTEQ for ready-to-install carbon components such as frames, saddles or cranks

Full design freedom and unique surface quality

CrossTEQ develops application-oriented composite production technologies (x-Technologies) to specifically utilize the best material properties of carbon composite material for premium hardware in the sports and outdoor sector.

Produktbild von Kurbel als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites im Sport und Outdoor

x-NET Precision Molding of Carbon Composites

For more than ten years, we have been mainly using our x-NET Precision Compression Molding technology for the series production of high-performance sports and outdoor hard goods, such as bicycle frames, saddles, stems, hubs, seat posts or cranks, ski bindings, neck braces, protectors for motorcycles, etc.

Why x-NET Precision Molding?

Highest functional integration
 Minimal post-processing effort
 Complete preservation of fiber properties
 Maximum material utilization, 0% waste

Are you interested in carbon composite material for your sports or outdoor application and have specific requirements in terms of function, form and aesthetics?

Fill out the form and provide initial information about your application. We will be happy to assist you with the material selection, design and production of your composite component.

 CrossTEQ « High Performance Lightweight » since 2012 

CrossTEQ's x-NET production technology enables a high degree of functional integration and thus the substitution of structural aluminum parts, resulting in a net weight saving of up to 50%.

The elimination of metal inserts in all Cross Composite products also results in not only lighter but also more environmentally friendly mono-materials.

Cross Composite components are fully recyclable and therefore contribute significantly to the conservation of natural resources.

Seitliches Produktbild von Kurbel als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites im Sport und Outdoor