CrossTEQ Quality Management

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At CrossTEQ, our aspiration is to achieve our customers' maximum satisfaction by consistently aligning our core competencies with their high quality and service requirements.

Quality Management in all areas


We comply with all ISO 9001 standard requirements and are committed to their practical implementation in all areas of our company.  Every manufactured system or subsystem is subject to strict quality monitoring.


Thanks to completely digitized production processes and a highly secure IT infrastructure, all data is digitally and consistently documented and permanently monitored. This enables us to detect errors and risks immediately and to trace back deviations without gaps.


Through regular training of our employees, we promote a common understanding of quality and permanently ensure the highest quality and precision at the cutting edge of technology.


Together with our customers, employees and suppliers, we want to cultivate a common understanding of quality. To this end, we actively promote a transparent and systematic exchange of information with our stakeholders.

Supply Chain

With the claim to be able to offer our customers a reliable and seamless service with the highest quality and flexibility on a permanent basis, we have been relying on secure and long-term supply sources and a state-of-the-art EDI infrastructure for years.

CrossTEQ Quality Management

Quality planning 

  • We define performance characteristics individually for each product and according to the specific requirements of our customers.We plan, implement and optimize production processes accordingly. The needs of our customers always come first. 

  • We design requirement catalogs, comprehensive process descriptions and product-specific work and assembly instructions to ensure the highest quality and process reliability.

  • We establish effective quality tests. 

Quality Control and Product Data Management

We consistently document and monitor all data and all production processes on our secure IT infrastructure. In this way, we ensure:

  • A seamless flow of information with our customers, suppliers and employees in real time

  • Complete traceability of material, components, deviations and failures

  • The immediate detection of errors and risks

  • The continuous improvement of processes by recognizing potential and learning through mistakes.

Quality assurance

Through regular quality audits and training, we ensure that our well-coordinated team of qualified engineers, production technicians and assembly experts maintains a common understanding of quality and remains committed to the consistent, operational implementation of the ISO:9001 standard requirements.

Thus, our employees are trained and qualified in dealing with:

  • Top-secure, digital infrastructure and state-of-the-art technical and IT equipment 

  • Material analyses and quality tests (functional, burn-in and factory acceptance tests) 

  • Completely digitized documentation and PDM

  • Reporting to you and our, respectively your suppliers

Quality improvement

Within the framework of continuous quality improvement, preventive measures are taken to prevent the recurrence of an error once it has been detected.

Customer complaints, product defect reports, defect logs and audit reports are regularly evaluated to eliminate causes of defects. 

The necessary measures are defined by management and their implementation is monitored. The effectiveness of preventive measures is reviewed at appropriate intervals.  

Methods to be used from which preventive measures are generated: 

  • Collection of experience from previous projects

  • Internal audits and process evaluations

  • Preventive maintenance of machinery, equipment and facilities

  • Integration of customer complaints and error images from production into new product designs

  • Risk assessments by means of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)

CrossTEQ Quality Policy

The common mission of the CrossTEQ divisions involves the consistent alignment of our core competencies with the high quality and service requirements of our customers, with the aim of achieving their maximum satisfaction.

  • Execution of orders on time at any time in perfect and lasting quality is a company principle for us. 

  • With our comprehensive and flexible service solutions, we aim to make a long-term commitment to our customers' success with maximum project focus.

  • The stable quality of our development, manufacturing and testing services is the foundation of our successful business activities.

  • For us, quality means meeting both expressed and unspoken customer expectations and, if economically possible, exceeding them.

  • Our quality efforts are carried out in compliance with laws and according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and expedient inspection planning.

Our employees

  • Each employee has a special responsibility for his or her professional activity. 

  • Only qualified and trained employees guarantee the agreed services in professional terms. Therefore, we keep ourselves up to date through continuous training. We regularly determine employee satisfaction and take the results into account in further employee planning as well as in the design of workplaces. 

  • Employees are provided with positive framework conditions to strengthen employee motivation and employee satisfaction. Our employees are obliged to actively participate in the maintenance and improvement of the quality management system. 

  • All our employees strive to ensure consistently high quality in the interest of our customers.  

  • The constant flow of information between management and employees ensures an open and honest working atmosphere. The error culture, which is based on a positive view of human nature and to which every employee contributes, supports this positive climate.

Our suppliers

  • Cooperation partners are also obliged to comply with agreed quality.

  • We monitor and support their activities to avoid any negative impact on our quality.

Quality is in our DNA

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We want to support Swiss technology providers in the development and implementation of their ideas and products and be a reliable partner close to them. 

We strive to meet the expressed and unspoken expectations of all our company's stakeholders - but especially those of our customers and employees.

In an open and dynamic dialog, we want to challenge and sharpen our common understanding of quality on a daily basis and thus create the basis for fruitful cooperation and sustainable success on all sides.