Premium composite products with unique surfaces

High quality composite products with best surface quality

Through intelligent material design and innovative fiber composite mixes, CrossTEQ achieves high-quality surfaces for premium products such as accessories, sunglasses and furniture. 

Premium composite products from CrossTEQ feature unique surface finishes with excellent surface quality.

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Would you like a wide selection of fibers and polymers that can be flexibly combined to meet your design and product requirements and create unique surface finishes?

Contact us! We will be happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your Verbund project.

Unique surface optics

In our CrossComposite Competence Center, we specifically develop and test innovative composite materials for use in luxury goods such as watches, jewelry and sunglasses.

Bild von Manschettenknöpfen als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites in Premiumprodukten

Integrable functions & 3D structures 

The high degree of functional integration and the excellent material properties of the materials and processes used enable the substitution of structural aluminum parts with a net weight saving of 50%.

This is why, in addition to their unique surface properties, thermoplastic composites are also used for watches and jewelry because of their extremely light weight combined with outstanding strength.

Bild von Sportuhr als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites in Premiumprodukten

Scratch resistant & skin friendly

Through application-oriented production technologies (x-Technologies), CrossTEQ enables the targeted use of the outstanding material properties in composite products.

For instance, x-NET Precision Molding technology can significantly improve scratch resistance and skin compatibility compared to thermoset fiber composite material.

Bild von Sonnenbrille als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites in Premiumprodukten

With x-NET composite technology, CrossTEQ produces molded parts with the highest functional integration, unique aesthetics and best surface quality in all series sizes.

Resistant and ultra-light hardware

The elimination of metal inserts in all cross-composite products not only results in lighter monomaterials, but also in more environmentally friendly ones. 

With their fail-safe material behavior and a plastic failure mode that avoids catastrophic brittle failure in the event of a crash, Cross Composite components are ideally suited for premium outdoor and motorsport applications.

Bild von Fahrradsattel als Anwendungsbeispiel für Composites in Premiumprodukten