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Grosser d600 Pro Creatbot 3D-Drucker
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On our Cross Assembly 3D Printing Farm we offer an industrial 3D printing service for technical materials and high-performance polymers.
We realize additively manufactured prototypes, small series, individual, special and spare parts for us and our customers.

3D-Printing and additive manufacturing

Cross Assembly services from CrossTEQ

Additive manufacturing technologies are considered the most significant future key technology in industrial production engineering. 3D printing enables the production of complex designs with high quality and precision and has long since ceased to stop at functional component manufacturing - and it does so faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. 

At CrossTEQ, we have been using additive manufacturing technologies for years to respond to the growing demands for fast yet precise solutions.  In 2022, we have therefore expanded our Cross Assembly Service and now offer an industrial 3D printing service for engineering materials and high-performance polymers.

On our in-house 3D printing farm we realize:

  • Prototypes 

  • Special and spare parts

  • Functional prototypes

  • End user parts

  • Gauges and devices

  • Industrial components and tooling

Tell us about your idea now or show us your design.

We are happy to realize additively manufactured prototypes, small series, individual, special and spare parts for you. Contact us now!

    Our 3D-printers

    Cross Assembly 3D-Printing Farm powered by CreatBot

    As an official dealer and representative of CreatBot in Switzerland, we are happy to advise you on the possibilities with CreatBot 3D printing systems and demonstrate the best models on our 3D printing farm.

    CreatBot D600 Pro

    The right one for large-format components and prototypes

    CreatBot D600 Pro is designed for 3D printing of engineering materials such as PLA, ABS, PC, nylon, carbon fiber, etc.. It is equipped with many advanced technologies and enables industrial 3D printing of large-scale objects and prototypes.

    • Building volume: 600*600*600mm

    • 420°C+120°C+70°C

    • High resolution & speed

    • Camera control technology

    • Reliable 24/7

    • Fully closed


    CreatBot PEEK-300

    The leader among ultra-high performance printers

    The PEEK-300 is equipped with the new CreatBot technology of intelligent self-rising double extruder. Water cooling, DAS system, auto rising extruder. The temperature of the double nozzle is up to 500°C. You can print all 3D printer materials in the world. CreatBot PEEK-300 is the best choice for 3D printing polymer materials.

    • Building volume: 300 x 300 x 400 mm

    • Heating element max. 500°C with double extruder

    • Heating bed max.200°C

    • Hot chamber max. 120°C

    • Triple thermal insulation and liquid cooling system

    Grosser Peek300 3D-Drucker

    Are you looking for an experienced and reliable system supplier in Switzerland?

    Decide to outsource individual or all product creation processes to us. We will be happy to support you on your way to success.

    Your advantages with CrossTEQ as a partner

    Streamlining processes

    By outsourcing your component assembly and other tasks and production processes to us, you streamline your own business and remain agile.

    Save resources

    By entrusting us with the assembly of your subassemblies, you save your own resources in terms of personnel, infrastructure and technology and can instead deploy them more efficiently at key internal points.

    Pragmatic and efficient

    At Cross Assembly, we maintain dynamic staffing and production planning, efficient manufacturing processes, and short lines of communication with both our customers and our, or your, suppliers.

    Maximum reactive and flexible

    We build on secure sources and proportionate reserves and redundancy in material and personnel planning in order to be able to deliver to you on time and in quality, even for short-term assembly orders.