Innovative, precision-finish composite compressor valve plate

In R&D collaboration with:
Kompressor Ventilplatte aus thermoplastischem Carbonfaser Composite von der Seite Image rights: CrossTEQ AG; Burckhardt Compression AG

Customer:  Burckhardt Compression AG

Industry:  Mechanical engineering, compressor systems

Material:  Chopped Tapes made of thermoplast-Carbon fiber, PEEK/CF

Technologie:  x-NE T Precision Molding

USP:  Temperature & pressure resistance

End-contour accurate composite valve plate for large compressors

In close cooperation with Burckhardt Compression AG, the Winterthur-based compressor manufacturer and world market leader in the field of compressor systems, CrossTEQ AG developed and manufactured a new type of precision-finish compressor valve plate made of high-performance composites using the x-NET production process.

Kompressor Ventilplatte aus thermoplastischem Carbonfaser Composite von oben
Image rights: CrossTEQ AG; Bruckhardt Compression AG

Our x-NET production technology enabled us to realize a geometrically complex composite valve plate with the optimum properties. '

- Lian Giger, CEO at CrossTEQ AG and co-developer of X-NET production technology

Significantly improved compressor efficiency due to ultra-lightweight and durable valve plate

The high-quality fiber composite material gives the valve plate reliable and durable properties under the most adverse pressure and temperature conditions.

With high strength and low weight, valve plate life and compressor efficiency are significantly improved.

 Temperature resistant
 Solid & pressure resistant
 Precise contour; Minimal finishing
 Cost-efficient already from medium series size onwards

"When our material reaches its limits, we rely on the high-performance fiber composites from CrossTEQ"

- Luzi Valär, Vice President Research & Development at Burckhardt Compression AG
Grosses Produktionswerk von Innen bei Burckhardt Compression AG zeigt halbfertige Kolbenkompressoren
Image source: Burckhardt Compression AG

About Burckhardt Compression AG

Burckhardt Compression is the global market leader in the field of compressor systems. The company is the only manufacturer and service provider to offer a complete range of reciprocating compressor technologies and services. Its custom-designed compressor systems are used in gas production and processing, gas transportation and storage, refining, chemicals and petrochemicals, as well as H2 mobility and power/industrial gas. With leading technology, a broad portfolio of components as well as a full range of services, Burckhardt Compression supports its customers worldwide to find the solution for their reciprocating compressor systems tailored to their needs.  Since 1844, highly qualified employees have been creating cutting-edge solutions to set standards in gas compression.  

Source: Burckhardt Compression AG