Audaceone SQUARE Black Titanium Carbon
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Carbon watch case with innovative surface finish and excellent surface quality

For the French watch manufacturer Audaceone, CrossTEQ realizes a highly complex watch case made of PEI carbon fiber composite material using its own x-NET Precision Molding process.

Carbon Composite Uhrengehäuse von CrossTEQ für Audaceone

Customer: Audaceone

Product: SQUARE Black Titanium Carbon “Black and Blue”, Limited Edition

Industry: Luxury watches

Watch case material: Thermoplastic PEI carbon fiber composite, (titanium grade 5 frame (TA6V) )

Technology: x-NET Precision Molding

USP: Lightweight, surface quality

SQUARE Black Titanium Carbon "Black and Blue" design features state-of-the-art materials originally developed for super cars and rockets.

For the Audaceone SQUARE watch case, CrossTEQ used a high-performance carbon fiber composite material consisting of a PEI polymer matrix and unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced tapes, originally developed for aerospace applications.

The movement is integrated directly into the carbon frame. This construction is a world first and reduces the number of parts required and thus the total weight to a minimum.

2 Carbon Uhren mit Composite Uhrengehäuse von CrossTEQ für Audaceone

Why thermoplastic carbon composites for watches & jewelry?

In addition to its extremely light weight, the thermoplastic fiber composite material used by CrossTEQ demonstrated better skin tolerance and significantly higher scratch resistance compared to thermoset composites. 

  • Lightweight with 9mm housing thickness

  • Weight to resistance ratio of 70 grams

  • Unique surface appearance and quality

  • Scratch resistant

  • Skin friendly

Using proprietary x-NET Precision Molding Composite technology, CrossTEQ produces highly complex, final-contour molded parts with unique and functional surfaces.

x-NET Precision Molding for the production of precision parts

For the SQUARE carbon fiber watch case, CrossTEQ applied its proprietary x-NET composite precision molding process, which enables the targeted use of these material properties and is therefore particularly well suited for the production of watches and other luxury goods such as jewelry and sunglasses.

Through the x-NET process solution, CrossTEQ achieved a unique appearance and innovative surface finish with excellent surface quality for the Audaceone SQUARE watch case. 

Hand mit Handschuh greift nach gefertigten Carbon Composite Uhrengehäuse im Labor

Why thermoplastic composite precision molding?

Due to the final contour-precise production in the automated x-NET Compression Molding process, the subsequent processes as well as the material waste during production are reduced to a minimum. 

  • Customized material selection

  • Finest tolerances

  • 100% function integration

  • 0% wastage

  • 1% Nachbearbeitungsaufwand

Sie sind auf der Suche nach innovativen Materialien unterstützen für Uhren und andere Präzisionsteile?

We can offer you a wide range of fiber composites and support you with the appropriate composite technology to realize your product.

About Audaceone and the SQUARE Collection

Audaceone was an independent French brand founded in 2017 by engineer Clement Jean-Louis. The brand created high-end watches with an approach that combines traditional techniques with contemporary design. To this end, Jean-Louis was assisted by designer Vincent Fourdrinier, who has designed several haute horlogerie watches for major brands.

The design of the first Audaceone collection SQUARE Black Titanium Carbon "Black and Blue" was characterized by dynamic lines underlined by cutting-edge materials from the automotive and aerospace industries. Like all Audaceone watches, the SQUARE collection was produced in a limited edition in Switzerland.  

The SQUARE Titanium Carbon is equipped with the "Lumière" dial, whose slopes catch the light in a fascinating way. The SQUARE Titanium DLC Carbon has a matte black dial with blue index. The hands are blued. The blue accents are rather unusual for dials and add a touch of elegance to the watch.

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